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San Antonio Liposuction Costs

The cost of liposuction in San Antonio is far more variable than the prices of other procedures, because liposuction can be performed on many different areas of the body. San Antonio liposuction prices differ depending on the size and difficulty of the area being treated, as some areas require more time and effort to suction. In general, the more fat to be removed, the greater time and effort required. Prices can range from $2,000-7,000 per procedure.

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Liposuction costs in San Antonio or surrounding suburbs such as Bulverde, Boerne, or Helotes, tend to run in the low- to mid-range of national averages. These averages include:

  • Abdominal liposuction: $3,000 - $7,000
  • Hips/Waist: $1,600 - $5,000
  • Chin, Neck, Cheeks: $2,000 - $4,500
  • Inner Thighs: $2,000 - $5,000
  • Outer Thighs: $1,600 - $5,000

All plastic surgeries involve additional fees, including facility fees, and anesthesia costs. Combined, these usually run $2,000 - $2,500.

The greatest factor influencing the cost of your San Antonio breast augmentation will be your surgeon’s fees. Always remember that quality surgeons with extensive experience and training will usually charge more. Breast augmentation surgeons in San Antonio and surrounding suburbs will each charge a little differently, and you should keep in mind that the best medical professionals might cost you a little more. You should avoid any surgeon whose services seem to be incredibly cheap, or at least do serious research into the surgeon and the fees. Some surgeons include high financing fees included in the “fine print,” which will leave you paying more than you anticipated.

Plastic Surgery Costs can match you with a trustworthy, board-certified breast augmentation surgeon in San Antonio or surrounding suburbs such as Bulverde, Boerne, or Helotes, who will discuss costs and payment options with you. Our representatives will arrange your initial consultation with an expert San Antonio breast augmentation specialist. Contact us today!

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