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Purchasing Power

Purchasing Power or “How to Negotiate”

Each patient looking for plastic cosmetic surgery has purchasing power, or the potential to obtain discounts for the price or fees quoted for plastic surgery from the surgeon or practice.

Listed below are potential ideas to discuss with your surgeon. Keep in mind that you are unique, and the fees or prices quoted to you will be the physician's prices plus any additional service required for your circumstance. This is why the consultation is essential to learn about the unique services to be provided to you and how much they are likely to cost.

Also, keep in mind that costs or fees or prices quoted are only quotes or estimates. There may be additional costs incurred due to untoward events or undetermined difficulties encountered during surgery.

There are possibilities for reducing costs or obtaining discounts from your provider. We have heard of the following possibilities from many patients:

  • Group rates.
    Sometimes attending the consultation and scheduling surgery in a group of family members or close friends entitles patients to a discount.
  • Referrals.
    Referring a friend or family member may encourage the doctor to grant a discount to you and/or the referral.
  • Release for Publishing Before and After Images.
    Physicians may wish to publish before and after pictures or have them available in office books for review by potential patients. By offering to have your pictures included in any materials published, you may get a discount in return.
  • Package pricing.
    Some Practices may give a discount for packaging a series of on-going treatments or procedures to be paid for in advance of services. Many times the benefit of getting fees upfront will offset the discount the physician offers. This can be mutually beneficial.
  • Seasonality or Booking the Procedure in a Timely Basis. Some practices will offer promotions or discounts to those that make a timely commitment to go forward with the procedure. This is in return for helping the practice smooth out its procedure or surgery schedule or aid in filling in slower times due to seasonal flux.
  • Other. Many other ideas may be possible. Please share your experiences or ideas in our forum.

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