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Finding a Cost Effective Provider

Who are cost effective providers?

Do they own their own surgery center?

How many procedures do they perform?

Who do they employ?

Remember, there are many costs or fees associated with plastic cosmetic surgery. The breakdown includes:

· Pre-tests
· Surgery
· Anesthesia
· Facility
· Possible overnight stay
· Supplies, devices or implants
· Post care and follow-up

Some physicians or practices are freer to quote competitive package or all-inclusive prices. This is because they may own the facility where the procedure will be performed. If this is the case make sure that the facility has met all standards of credentialing agencies like the Joint Commission on Hospital and Ambulatory Accreditation or other accrediting organizations.

The practice may or may not be competitive due to their financial status. If the facility is new, the practice may or may not have hit its breakeven point. Without volume they may not yet have any room to reduce rates or provide promotions.

If they own their own facility they may have the opportunity to delegate tasks or functions to their own credentialed staff members. This may afford them the opportunity to keep costs down.

Moreover, if the facility is busy and has high throughput, it is more likely to be efficient and cost-effective.

However, do not discount providers that use or contract with a hospital outpatient or other facility that they do not own. These providers (with sufficient volume) are likely to have good contracts with other providers to provide low cost/ high quality care.

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