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Quick Slim Lipo is high quality body contouring clinic in Boca Raton, Florida. This center utilizes an advanced body shaping instrument similarly called Quick Slim Lipo that painlessly targets the most stubborn of trouble spots. This treatment requires no downtime, no sedation, and no needles. When exercising and dieting aren’t just cutting it, take a shot with Quick Slim Lipo.

Quick Slim Lipo uses enhanced LED light to disperse fat deposits beneath the surface of your skin into the subcutaneous layer. Fatty acids and triglycerides break apart to usher out fat clusters. This broken up fat will then pass along through the body naturally. Get in touch with our representatives today to schedule a personal consultation. Residents in and around Fort Lauderdale including Boca Raton, Hollywood, and Pompano Beach can discover comprehensive relief from those enduring problem areas with Quick Slim Lipo.

Procedures Offered at This Clinic:

QuickSlim Lipo - Boca Raton offers the following procedures. The prices listed below are based on national averages for surgeon fees only. These rates DO NOT necessarily represent this doctor's current prices. To learn more about this doctor's procedure costs, contact us to schedule a consultation.
Facial Rejuvenation Costs:$900
Fat Reduction Costs:$4325
QuickSlim Lipo Costs:$4900
Zerona™ Costs:$1150

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