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Perlane Costs, Prices & Financing Information

Perlane Costs Image Average Surgeon/Physician Fees ............. $500-650 per treatment
Anesthesia ................................................................... n/a
Operating Room Facilities ........................................... n/a

Perlane is a type of injectable dermal filler that can both eliminate wrinkles and plump lips. Since it is not made with animal products, but rather with hyaluronic acid (a sugar that naturally occurs in the body), there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction. Perlane eliminates wrinkles around the eyes, mouth and forehead, with longer lasting results than other leading dermal fillers. Averaging $562 per treatment, it is an affordable way to achieve a more youthful look. Most variation in cost can be attributed to three cost factors: time between treatments, location of facility, and skill of the provider.

  • Perlane Costs - Factor 1: Time between Treatments

    Perlane results are relatively long lasting. It is not, however, a permanent procedure. Expect the necessity of reinvesting in Perlane if you are happy with your results. Typically, results last for between 6 and 12 months, but you will be able to accurately predict how long your results will last after your first experience with Perlane.

  • Perlane Costs - Factor 2: Location

    There are several options for where to have your Perlane treatments administered; medspas, clinics, and doctor's offices all offer the procedure but may charge different prices. There are also noticeable Perlane price differences in different regions of the country and in different types of communities. In places where productions costs are highest, prices will likely also be highest. Keep this in mind during your search for the best provider for you.

  • Perlane Costs - Factor 3: Skill of Provider

    How often a provider administers Perlane, the degree of expertise a provider has, and the effectiveness of his or her results all may affect the amount they charge for Perlane injections. Choose your provider wisely; it is not advised to opt for the cheapest choice without research.

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