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Final Word on Low Cost Plastic Surgery

Low Cost Cosmetic Surgery — A Matter of Good Planning
Regular Maintenance or Complete Overhaul?

There are arguments for and against both sides of this question.

First, what are the costs associated with a complete overhaul?

Think major facelift when you are 55?

This can cost anywhere between $6-$15 thousand dollars. It lasts 5 to 10 years. While there are plenty of payment options to keep this one stop cosmetic surgery cost low, there is another route to consider for finding low cost cosmetic surgery.

You might be able to stave off the facelift by having minor procedures along the way.

Get breast augmentation and/or BOTOX® in your mid to late 20's. Get microdermabrasion or chemical peels in your early thirties. Follow up with a little liposuction around your hips and middle. Get your first facelift - it can be a mini one in just the neck or a small portion of the face - when you turn 40. Think about facial implants around this time, even. Looking into the revitalizing benefits of collagen. Or if you maintain a good skin care plan, you may stave off a facelift entirely (stay OUT of the sun).

Going the route of regular maintenance, your friends and co-workers will attribute your appearance to healthy living, good genes, vitamins, and great vacations. But you'll know it was your personal plan of a series of low cost cosmetic surgeries.

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