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Lipodissolve Costs, Prices & Financing Information

Lipodissolve Costs Image Average Surgeon/Physician Fees ............ $500-800 per treatment
Anesthesia ................................................................... n/a
Operating Room Facilities ........................................... n/a

One of the leading alternatives to standard liposuction is Lipodissolve™. Lipodissolve™ is a procedure that is made up of several injections that effectively liquefy fat. A more advanced version of its counterpart Mesotherapy, Lipodissolve™ differentiates itself by having different active ingredients than previous non-surgical liposuction alternatives. This treatment is an effective way of eliminating problem areas that persist despite healthy eating and time spent working out; it is not a weight loss treatment. Nationally, the price of Lipodissolve™ averages $687.50 per treatment; there is some variation to this price, however. The cost factors that account for this variation include number of treatments, location of facility, and skill of the provider.

  • Lipodissolve™ Costs - Factor 1: Number of Treatments

    The price of Lipodissolve reflects one treatment; however, it is administered as a series of treatments. Usually around 6 treatments are necessary for ideal results. When budgeting your Lipodissolve™ treatments, account for the fact that you will need to invest in more than one of them to achieve the shape you are hoping for.

  • Lipodissolve™ Costs - Factor 2: Location

    Where you receive your treatments will also affect the cost. As there are many types of facilities that offer Lipodissolve™ (doctors offices, clinics, etc.), you may notice that prices vary depending on where you have your procedure done. Prices also vary based on the part of the country; realize that where costs of production are higher (i.e. the East and West coasts), treatments will be more expensive. Based on a similar principle, your treatment may be less expensive if you have it done in a rural area than a city or urban scene.

  • Lipodissolve™ Costs - Factor 3: Skill of Provider

    The amount of experience a provider has may also affect the price of treatment. More experience often means higher prices. It is advised that you find a provider you trust and not just invest in the cheapest option.

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