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Does Breast Implant Size Affect Costs?

One of the best things about plastic surgery is that it gives you control over what nature didn't. When a woman chooses to have breast augmentation surgery, she has the freedom to choose any size she wants as it pertains to her aesthetic preferences, body frame, and lifestyle. That's why plastic surgeons don't base their breast augmentation on the size of the implant. Breast implant size does not affect cost.

Women shouldn't be tethered to their breast implant choice by price, but it's definitely a considerable factor for many women. Luckily, they are at liberty to choose whatever new breast size they want for the same price-almost.

The exception to this rule is for extra large breast augmentation. Extra large breast augmentation involves unconventionally large implants that often have to be special ordered from the manufacturer since they aren't routinely used by plastic surgeons. Special ordering can add a significant expense and a bit of an inconvenience for your doctor, so he or she may increase the price. Extra large breast augmentation also involves an overall more complicated procedure with more risks involved due to a larger incision, greater skin stretching, and extended healing time.

Plastic surgeons choose not to charge their breast augmentation surgeries based on implant size because it can be restrictive to the patient receiving them. A good plastic surgeon will put your needs first, so "bargain breasts" aren't a worthy concern. Rather than pinch a few more pennies from you, they just want you to be satisfied with whatever size you choose.

That's not to say that all implants cost the same amount. As previously stated, extra large breast implants cost more due to heightened risks and more complicated procedure. The type of material that the implants are made out of also affect price. Saline implants are considerably cheaper than silicone implants. Saline implants have a strong outer shell that are inserted into an incision, and then filled with sterile saltwater. The size of saline implants can be altered relatively easily by adding or removing more fluid. An average saline breast augmentation costs about $3,000. Although they're cheaper, saline implants are less popular than silicone implants because many believe that silicone implants look and feel more natural. Silicone implants cost closer to $4,000. Since they come pre-formed and have to be inserted whole into the breast, silicone implant incision has to be bigger.

Perhaps the biggest factor in price when it comes to breast augmentation surgery is the individual plastic surgeon. In major cities where there is a high demand for breast implants, like Beverly Hills or Chicago, plastic surgeons can afford to charge more for their services. The cost of their office rent and the amount they pay their staff will also make a difference in the amount their clients pay. More experienced doctors may also charge more for their services. If you'd like to find a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area and in your price range, contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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