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Dysport Costs, Prices & Financing Information

Dysport Costs Image Average Surgeon/Physician Fees ............... $400 per session
Anesthesia ................................................................... n/a
Operating Room Facilities ........................................... n/a

Dysport offers the first FDA approved alternative to Botox that is also a botulinum toxin injectable. Up to this point, all of Botox�s wrinkle removing competitors have been injectable dermal fillers, which instead of relaxing muscles, like Botox and Dysport, fill in wrinkles to lessen their noticeability. Although the major differences between Dysport and Botox remain unclear, one benefit Dysport has is its lower price per treatment. Costing, on average, $397 per treatment, Dysport is a relatively affordable way to reduce unsightly wrinkles. Several cost factors determine the price of Dysport treatments; the amount of time between treatments, location of facility, and skill of the provider are the most significant.

Dysport Costs — Factor 1: Time between Treatments

Dysport is a relatively long lasting procedure with the results remaining for usually 3 to 6, but up to 8, months. This should be taken into account when you budget Dysport, because to keep results up, the payment would need to be made each time the treatment wears off. After receiving Dysport treatments the first time, you will be able to gauge how often the procedure will need to be completed.

Dysport Costs — Factor 2: Location

Dysport is offered in many different locations including doctor�s offices, clinics, and spas; prices may vary depending on where the treatment is completed. Additionally, depending on the region of the country, your Dysport treatments may be more expensive. The difference between rural areas and urban settings may also make a difference in price. The higher the cost of living in that area, the more expensive the treatment will be; cities tend to be more expensive than rural settings, and on the East and West coasts Dysport treatments tend to cost more than in the middle of the country.

Dysport Costs — Factor 3: Skill of Provider

The more experienced and expertised providers often will charge more for the procedure. Doctors tend to charge more than nurses, and those who specialize in this procedure may charge even more. Be sure to evaluate your priorities when choosing a provider, the cheapest option does not guarantee the best results.

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