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Brow Lift Costs, Prices & Financing Information

brow lift Costs Image Average Surgeon/Physician Fees ................. $5,000
Anesthesia ................................................................... details
Operating Room Facilities ........................................... details

A brow lift effectively reduces frown lines and deep wrinkles in the brow area. Nationally, brow lift prices average $5,000. A fairly wide range in the cost of brow lifts does exist. Several factors determine the final cost of a brow lift; these include type of anesthesia, operating room fees, and professional fees.

Brow Lift Costs — Factor 1: Anesthesia

For most cosmetic surgeries, the patient may choose between local and general anesthesia. In the case of forehead lifts, local anesthesia with sedation is usually chosen. Anesthesia will typically add $350 - $800 to the cost of surgery. More about anesthesia..

Brow Lift Costs — Factor 2: Operating Room Fees

In many cases, surgeons can perform surgery in either a local hospital or a private surgery suite. For a brow lift, either is suiting. Costs can rise between $650 and $1850 due to operating room fees which pay for the use of the facility and for certain equipment. More about operating room fees.

Brow Lift Costs — Factor 3: Professional Fee

The price of a brow lift is also dependent upon the surgeon performing the surgery. Choose a board certified surgeon who you trust for best results. Consider not just the price of the procedure, but also their experience and previous results. It may be worth the extra money to have a surgeon you have full confidence in. Note that the cost of a brow lift varies based on region of the country, so the cost will differ depending on where surgery is completed.

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Financing a Brow Lift

Once the final cost of surgery is known, it is important to consider your plan for payment. Brow lifts are rarely covered by insurance because of the cosmetic nature to the surgery, so the patient must pay out of pocket. When completed to increase viewing area, insurance may help with the costs. Payments can be more easily managed with financing plans that give more time to pay for surgery.

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