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Body Lift Costs, Prices & Financing Information

Body Lift Costs Image Average Surgeon/Physician Fees ............... $12,000 - $50,000
Anesthesia ........................................................... $750-1,000
Operating Room Facilities ................................ $750-1,000

A body lift consists of two parts: lower body lift and upper body lift. The lower body lift will consist of a tummy tuck (abminoplasty), thigh and buttocks lift, and liposuction of excess fat. The upper body lift focuses on eliminating back fat rolls and narrowing the waist. Men can undergo male breast reduction during this procedure. The typical cost for a body lift can range between $12,000-$50,000 with prices varying based on:

  • Body Lift Cost Factor #1: Anesthesia Fee: Surgeons typically use general anesthesia for this type of procedure because the patient can sleep through the surgery. It's slightly costlier than is local anesthesia, which is used to numb only certain parts of the body.

  • Body Lift Cost Factor #2: Hospital Fee: This includes fees to the facility as well as for use of certain equipment. For example, costs may vary depending on whether or not the patient will require liposuction.

  • Body Lift Cost Factor #3: Surgeon Fee: This will depend on the extent of the work. More experienced surgeons provide better quality results and will usually charge higher prices; this should not ward off customers because in dealing with medically related issues, it is always better to have an experienced professional.

However, the biggest factors of a body lift price are:

  • Body Lift Cost Factor #4: Extent of the Procedure - with significant amounts of needed liposuction and skin removal, the price of a body lift will increase.

  • Body Lift Cost Factor #5: Duration of Recovery: the longer the duration of a patient's recovery process, the more nurse care and medication that patient will require. These products cost money and will be funded by the patient.

An important note is that prices of this procedure will vary by region of the country; this estimate of body lift prices is not concrete, but should give patients a better understanding of what to expect.

Financing a Body Lift
Prior to the surgery, the patient and physician must agree upon a method of financing the procedure. Since this is not considered a procedure based on medical needs, insurance cannot help with financial coverage. Fortunately, most plastic surgeon offices offer financing plans to help with the monetary burden.

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*Average surgeon/physician fees taken from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's annual statistics

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